update on Mary's surgery  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

hah! She made it!! =D Jim was audibly relieved! They took out 3 ft of large and 5 ft of small intestine that was pure black! I sure wished they'd listened to her when she was complaining about the pain :( But, although not out the woods by far, at least she survived this part so far - thanks so much to everyone for their prayers! =D
I just finished cutting a quarter panel of a very large large puzzle and it only took me, ummm, 4.5 hours? Dang, no profit here, eh!?! Never is though... anyway, just glad I'm finally getting my 'stride' on this one - started out r-o-u-g-h!! I hate to go to bed, as I'll have to 'warm up' all over again :( Getting a lot of 'warm up' pieces done though! lol Will list them soon...
So I guess I better try to sleep - it's 1am and I'm a little wound up from cutting and the news on Mary, but I'm sure I'll nod off as soon as I get there :0)
Thanks again - I really believe the prayers are the most helpful right now, and all of you that are still doing so, I can't thank you enough!

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Prayers needed - please! now more than ever!  

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I appreciate all of the wonderful folks praying for Mary and Jim - thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Mary was doing so well after they moved her up to Colorado Springs and, in fact, fixed her throat so that she could talk!
Everything was looking so good, but she was still having pain in her stomach and even though she complained about it, they just told her it was because of the major surgery she'd had.
I guess she knew better - today they sent her to another hospital for emergency surgery on her colon - the lower part of her intestines is dead and needs to be removed. They don't think she's going to make it out of surgery.
Jim is beside himself and told us in a broken voice that he just doesn't understand what happened? This is so unbelievable to me!
But I only ask that you will join with me to pray for her - she should be out of the o.r. very soon I hope and will let you know - but please, please, please pray - it's the only hope

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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A Question of Sharing Info  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I just received this Etsy 'convo' from a woman that wants to know how I do my line-art for my Custom Portrait Keepsake Boxes so that her friend can input her designs into her laser cutter and cut them out.
What do you do when you get such a request?? I don't know whether they consider me stupid, or if they're just being innocent/naive about trade secrets and such? I mean, really, what would you do? What do you think I should do?
I've always been a very generous person, but this kind of thing has me bumfuzzled(forgive me that one!lol) - I don't like to tell people no, but I work hard to make everything by hand and to cut something using a laser, is cheating to me... I know, what a stuckup purist! lol I'm not really. Just very passionate about 'handmade'!
I have so much to tell you all, but I have to get orders out - hope to update very soon with some great stuff, so please hang in there! =D

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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Getting it done...?  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I guess I'm pretty bored with the theme I'm using for the blog - it's just black and feels cluttered. I would sure love some feedback on this - your opinion matters greatly to me!

I was looking at changing to a Word Press run blog, or use one of the themes at the least, but after doing some research on what makes a blog look like something you'd want to read, I've come to the conclusion that black, brown, white, or red, they just don't seem to matter. Could it be that readers truly are content hungry instead of looking for an aesthetically pleasing layout or color??
Maybe it's my content that needs some plastic surgery, and not my site!?! btw, so many thank you's! to all of my readers and followers - you are very important to me!!

Okay, so in the meantime, I'm still bored with the site and want to make it better and easier to read and find interesting subjects. Stay tuned for the new and hopefully, improved, DMWAShopNotes! ;0)

I've had a difficult time trying to work the last couple of days - if Roger doesn't get some work going and get out from under my feet, I'm going to go nuts!!lol He can think of more things he needs me to do or help with when he sees I'm busy working, and after one of his 'projects' I have a hard time getting going again :*< style="font-style: italic;">naturally, where all of my inside work is done and wood, sanding tools, and papers are splayed out everywhere! That's going to take some work!! Sure, it will improve the house, but my gosh, man, I'm trying to work!!!! Why am I the only one here that can do anything? Why are my things the only stuff in the way?? It's just craziness! acch!

Yesterday I sold the little Intarsia Penguin Ornament =D I am giving out bonus ornaments to everyone who buys something from me until Dec15th and was trying to figure out which one to make for her. I always do a little investigating on my customers to figure out what they like and don't like and I think I've found the perfect ornament for her! Yay! Love that :-)

I'm cutting today, no matter what else happens around here, and I'm just giddy with excitement! I have so many gorgeous ornaments to cut and I'm just digging givin' them away!
You have no idea how badly I wish I could give everything I make away! One of the things that make me feel so warm and fuzzy is making things for my family! I love what I do =D Did I already say that recently?? Well, I do...

Finished up the one puzzle last night - it's always weird taking them apart and putting them into the boxes! I work so hard to keep them together for so long during the creation process that this step makes me as nervous as a cat on a hot-tin roof! lol Pretty silly, I know. But, all of the pieces laying so neatly in the box just made me so happy! I hope she'll love it =0> I have to do a little 'research' on her too to see which ornament to send with the puzzle - oh joy! I'm really getting into the Christmas Spirit!! =0)

Oh, and one more thing! I found out something really cool the day-before-yesterday; I usually write down everything I need to do that day and end up with more than two pages sometimes! Needless to say, the list never gets completed and I end up not even wanting to check it during the day :*( I decided to try the reverse of this and it's actually working! and feels a lot better too!!!
So, instead of making a 'to-do' list, make an 'I've done...' list! You feel better, are actually more organized, and you don't end up rolling the list over into the next day because you didn't even get close to completing the tasks on it!
Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! okay? :0)

Time to brave the utter cold and get some work done before the boys come in...
Have an awesome day and don't forget to enter the contest from yesterday's post!! =D
Thanks for "stopping by the shop!" Freida

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Sale at Deer Mountain Wood Art! Giveaways and Contests!  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today starts the "Santa Shop Hop" sale at Deer Mountain Wood Art! The sale lasts from Nov.20th until Dec.10th and is good for 20% off of any one item(in stock only) in the store!
To take advantage of the great savings all you have to do is mention"Santa Shop Hop!" in the 'notes to seller' at the bottom of the checkout page and wait for the revised invoice before submitting payment - that's all!! One lucky buyer will be chosen by randomizer.com from all of the sale buyers to receive a 33% discount instead of the 20% and will be refunded the difference as soon as the sale is over! Recipient's name will be posted on this blog...

As an added bonus, all orders between now and Dec 10th will include a special, hand cut, wooden Christmas ornament - an $8 plus bonus! Piece varies and some will include the 2008 date on them for an extra special keepsake ornament :0> Picture is only a very small example of what you might receive!

From Nov.20th until Dec.15th we're also offering a chance to win a very special ornament, hand cut from 1/4" solid maple - an exclusive pattern by Volker Arnold that was awarded to myself from his partner, Tom Sevy - a $22 dollar value! To enter, merely enter a comment to any post on the blog - easy peesy! =D *Only one entry per person please* This is a separate contest from the T2T Team "Santa Shop Hop"...
Winner will be announced December 16th here on the blog, as well as a personal email - winner chosen by randomizer.org...

So have fun, do some shopping, and save a bundle - everyone's a winner at Deer Mountain!

Good luck and have a very Merry Handmade Christmas from all of here at Deer Mountain Wood Art!!

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!" Freida

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Tweet your plants!!?!  

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Okay, now I've seen it all! lol No, really, this has got to be the thing for the Twitter addict these days! I think Twitter has gotten a little bigger than it was meant to, or believed it would be! Everyone's got the app running and the twits are 'Tweeting' all over the place, about everything!! Why should it just be for the human masses?!?

The Plant Twitter Kit is a mere $99US and this little device sends a 'Tweet' if your plant is dry or otherwise unhappy - now that's gotta be the most twitterlicious gadget I've ever laid eyes on =) Don'cha just want it bad!!?!

I guess next they'll be putting one on our dog's collars so they can 'Tweet' too! =D

I love 'ThinkGeek.com'! It's chock-full of this type of geeky gadgety love and it just never gets boring - I would love to someday have the green to get to shop here for Tyler - he turned me on to this site many years ago, being the geek he is (and proud of it, damnit!) and it still has a beloved place on my desktop =D After all, who in their right mind wouldn't want a t-shirt you can play drums on??!?

Okay, enough of that!! =0)
Tammy and I were talking about Christmas shopping - well sorta - and it reminded me of a little 'flaw' that most men seem to have; "oh no, don't buy anything for me! I'll be mad if you do..." and other such placations to hide the fact that they really do look forward to gifts as much as any little boy, or grown woman, would! lol

My hubby did that once, and I believe he will forever be sorry for the one year he didn't receive anything! It was his 59th birthday and he had said to not buy him anything - he didn't need anything, didn't want us to spend the money on him, etc... so we didn't.

He pouted the whole frickin' day, and was still commenting on it years later! Every year since, he sits expectantly waiting for the "big moment" - he's always disappointed, but at least he has something to look forward to! =D

So, guys, don't say this stupid comment, or you just might get what you ask for, nothing!

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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Kinetic Sculptures by David C Roy - "True Wood Art" Artisan Series  

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This morning I thought I would start a new series on art, "True Wood Art", showing all of the different beautiful truly artistic wood art and artists that I run into here in WebLand.

The artist featured this morning, David C. Roy of "Wood that Works", has been around since 1975 producing these awe-inspiring Kinetic Sculptures and even has video showing how they work - yes, work!

They are fluid, beautiful, created in natural wood, and are an amazing display of human engineering. There's a reason for the price tag they carry, and gee, I wished I could have one!!lol

I rarely say that, especially about something that is border-line abstract, but goodness! Take a look for yourself! =0)

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at a great wood artist and as always,

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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To Do's, Tah Dahs  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I went to bed at 9:15pm!?! after my hubby caught me trying to work out here on my 'puter... I guess my head was about 8" from the floor, but my hand was up on the desk still holding my Wacom pen!! Gosh, ain't I dedicated!?! lol Can't say that, though, when this happens, as it's usually something that is happening after I've tried to get some work going and just ran out of steam, and consciousness!lol
Yesterday I was trying to finish up on Tammy's Elk so I could get it in the mail and Tyler was 'harassing'(can't think of a better word for what these kids do when they want something from me!!lol) me to take him to town so he could pay off his fine, which would enable him to 'get off of probation', by taking out a signature loan.
Since I had to pick up the mounted pictures for the custom puzzles I had in the shop, I obliged, but in the meantime I totally screwed up the backing on the Elk picture! :0( Only happens when you need it not to!!! So, another thing I'm behind in now. Okay, "... I can rebuild him, make him better...!"
If you can believe it, I didn't make it back home until 8:30 last night and was just exhausted!?! I didn't even get laundry done! Oh well...

So, it's a new day - full of hope and promise! It's clear and cold, and the damnedest frost that ever fell, but I'm rarin' to go! Here's what I'm working on today;

starting one of the 2 custom portrait puzzles
fixing Tammy's Elk
filling out business lisc. forms
filling out the CHP+ health care form for the boys - should've been done a hundred years ago!!
working on bills during breaks...

It's going to be a full day, and I've already replied to a request for another custom portrait puzzle so I am awaiting their order.

Something really cool yesterday! We had to get a printout from S.S. for Tyler for his loan and the woman that was taking the request was new. After talking to her for a minute I found out that she's the wife of one of the school teachers at Cotopaxi - and the wife of one of my very first customers!lol Small world! ;0)
Anyway, her husband had bought one of my very first intarsia pieces that was an Eagle on a branch and he wanted it customized for his granddaughter by inlaying her name on the branch. I asked her if her granddaughter still liked it and she said, "Oh yes, it's always on her wall above her bed! She loves it!!" That was so awesome to hear! =0) But then she proceeded to ask me if I might have an elk! Yay!! I might have the Elk sold, and that would sure be a shot in the arm!! So I'm going to run that by her house tonight after school - think good thoughts! =D

Here's a few photos of what's on the shop table lately.... Christmas ordering is almost at an end, so I hope everyone that wanted something this year has gotten their order in, or will be within the next week or so!

Hope you have a great day - remember to please pray for Mary and Kay (and me, too! :0)) - and as always,
for "stopping by the shop!"

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I Interupt this Post to Say, "I'm an idiot!"  

Monday, November 10, 2008

I was sick all weekend - yuk! :( I did manage to reach over to my keyboard here and there and try to breathe some life back in my limp and fevered body, but only with limited success. I told my husband, "I'm dizzy". He replied, "But you're not blonde!?" Shame on him! For the bad joke as well as making fun of my plight!
I feel a modicum better and am hoping that, as I attempt to pick up where I left off before the strep grabbed me, literally, by the throat, you will forgive again my lapse of fortitude! I'm getting older, and things seem to hit me harder these days :(

I really wanted to blog last night - it was a definite withdrawal situation! I had so many things I wanted to write about! Especially this; "How to Change Your Hobby into Your Business". It's funny that I couldn't muster the strength to do so, and very fortunate at the same time! I realize now it was the Big Guy's way of keeping me from making a serious idiot of myself, and can only say, "Thanks BG!" in return for the divine intervention!!
At various times through the day, as my fever broke, I would try to get on here and send a quip or two and conduct a little 'business'. All the while I was trying to imagine what I would say about this topic.
It was strange how I would get distracted by everything I saw on here and fail to write "The Post"? I had great intentions of helping others, but at 2am it washed over me - the knowledge that I lacked the experience and know-how to write such a post!!
How uppity, how totally self-involved and conceited I was to think that I could write to you about how to start, grow, and maintain a truly successful business! If I know so much about it, why don't I have one?!!!?

I have been allowed, although, the vision that maybe it will be more informational/entertaining if I ask you to go along with me on my journey to moving my, slightly more than, hobby/business into a full-fledge entrepreneurship and hope you will advise, critique, and help mold me into the successful woman I would so love to be! Will you go with me on this journey? I would be honored if you would! =0)

Okay, so onward and upward!

I wanted to update you all on Mary's progress this morning; She's taken a backward turn again, falling prey to obscure, rare infections that were received during surgery and her subsequent tracheotomy. Jim told me the two names for the infections she's fighting, but I certainly can't remember even vaguely what they are, but they are serious he says :0(
Jim is staying by her side, night and day, and when I told him that he was beginning to gain so much medical knowledge that he probably knew more than the doctors, he confirmed as much by telling me of the massive amount of papers strewn across the table in his conversion van that he's been trying to understand and keep up with. So much for being "too old to learn new things"!!
I'm overwhelmed with compassion for him as he sounds so beaten and exhausted, but optimistic, as Mary is still conscious and tries to speak to him.
Last night as he was getting ready to go out to the van to await his next 30 minute session, she wrapped her arm around his neck in an attempt to have him take her with him. She's tired, and tired of being there. I can only imagine what it's like! Being able to think and feel, but not really communicate! How awful!! So I'm hoping that you will continue to pray diligently for this couple as I believe it's working!

Friday I called Kay to talk about her Broncos helmet I'm making her for one of her Christmas presents this year and heard that she is incredibly ill - I hope that you will pray for her as well as her doctor told her on her last visit to "get in contact with Hospice"! :0( I'm losing everyone I care about and it's mind numbing :0(

Kay started out as a client - she wanted a scene on the entertainment center her husband was building and is in love with mountain lions. I can't remember how she found me, but I'm glad she did!
I seem to always end up being friends with my clients but Kay has always been special. Every year she makes sure that I create her gifts for her sons and nephews - football pieces usually - and loves it when I make her a "good deal"!:) This year I'm making a Dolphin's helmet and a Bronco's helmet.
Anyway, I called to ask whether she wanted the 'old style' Broncos helmet or the newer, simpler, design, as well as to check up on her. She has rheumatoid arthritis and is getting more and more housebound. This year she found out she has COPD and wasn't really sure what all of that meant until she came back this last month with the news that she has emphysema and her lung capacity was at 38%. She totally 'got it' then - I don't understand why the doctors didn't explain it to her so that she could've helped herself to not get worse with the COPD? She doesn't either - she says they never once told her to quit smoking or change anything she was doing? Now, it's too late. But she did quit...
We talked about how, when one of her nephews died suddenly last year, we would want to know in advance if we were going to die so that we could 'set things in order' before we went. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but Friday she told me that it's not good to know; everyone's watching her all of the time, and her husband is overwrought with stress and anxiety, fearing that he'll wake up one morning and she'll be gone. She's not sure she's even going to be here for Christmas and it's the hardest thing in the world, I think now, to know you're going soon! :0( All of this over the last few years has really had an affect on the way I think about death, friendship, love, and the truly important 'stuff' of life...

After all of the miracles with Mary, I told Kay that I would ask you for prayers - she said she would be so grateful for any help you could send in that department! I believe in miracles and the power of prayer - I don't know of any other way for the impossible to become possible!

So I always have a lot to say, but I know that you may not be able to handle having to read a novel during your busy, busy day, so I'll close with {{{hugs}}} and a [Thank you!] for all of the help, encouragement, and prayers you send! I need it, love it, and appreciate it, more than you'll ever know!

Thanks, as always, for "stopping by the shop!"

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It's Official!?!  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yep! I'm finally making the 'big bucks!'

As you know, I run a few ads here with ProjectWonderful and Entrecard - I try to keep them at a minimum as I don't want to inundate you with ads, but a girl's gotta try to make a buck when she can!! =D
So when I checked on pending ads in my ProjectWonderful cue I was surprised to see that I am not losing money anymore on my ads!

Officially, at 7am this morning, Project Wonderful stated that "At this exact moment, you're bidding at $0.17 per day, and bids on your ad boxes are earning at $0.19 per day"! Yay!! (Is that really how you spell that??lol)
So, I guess you could say that I've finally 'arrived' at the status of 'money-making bloggers'!! Suhwheet! =D
Thanks to all of my lovely advertisers and you, my wonderful readers, who click on them and cause advertisers to believe I'm worth running an ad on! =D Thank you! Thank you! [bowing and blowing kisses - end of Blogger Award speech]

hummm, Entrecard is also a fun way to discover new blogs with good reads - I highly recommend it for that reason - it's not going to make me a fortune, but at least it's pretty much free(unless you want to buy EC credits?), and it gets you plenty of views :)
Most are what they call 'drop and run' viewers, but if you have engaging content, they can't help but stop for awhile! I find more great things to read and learn about while 'dropping' my Entrecards - it's pretty awesome :0)

Okay, I have a ton of serious stuff to tell you this morning -

  • there's an update on Mary; they had her sitting up yesterday!!! WOW! I can't believe it - isn't the good Lord awesome!!?! I know it's all the prayers that were sent for them - THANK YOU!!
  • Roger's been getting steady work! Thank Goodness - I'm at risk right now of losing my home unless we can raise the $762 due for taxes :( Been a rough few months! So with him working and my work, we probably will scrape by, like usual! lol
  • I'm going to be getting serious about DeerMountain - licensing and all - finally after 5+ years!lol I have a lot to tell you about 'getting serious' with your home-based business! I will be dedicating an entire post just to that subject within the next couple of days, be sure to check it out - it will have lots of information that you will really find invaluable! I promise!!
  • We traded an old van Roger fixed up(one of those Conversion type vans - the big ones that were so popular with dating in my generation!lol) for the remaining payments on my car - so it's free and clear!! Yippee!! That should help a lot! :0)
  • Work is going well - finally getting time to get everything done! That's a big task; trying to balance family, work, and me-time!! whew!
  • I was asked to join a local gallery yesterday but it's $30/month and that's a risk I can't afford right now - I mean, what if nothing sells?!? How does one have enough faith in their work to take a chance like that?
  • And finally, if you're disabled and you're considering 'going legit' on your work/art then you need to contact me right away! I have some information you need - seriously!! You wouldn't believe how many disabled folks are running their own businesses from home! Or how many artists you know who are in this category!! It's mind blowing! So you really do need to get in touch with me - now!!!! if you fit this description! :0) Click here to go to my Etsy shop and then click on the top where it says 'conversations' - I will get back to you asap with the info you need... I really believe you'll be glad you did!! =D
On the home front, Ryan's coming home this weekend :0) So you know I'll be silly happy! lol Even though he will make me do more deep cleaning! I need to and it feels great too :0)

Okay, that's just not fair!!lol During the small amount of time I've been typing this to you my ProjectWonderful ads changed their money-earning ratio and I'm no longer Queen of the Net!!!?? I even had to add a question mark at the end of my title!!!
Here's what it says now, "At this exact moment, you're bidding at $0.17 per day, and bids on your ad boxes are earning at $0.11 per day" - dang, that's a bummer!! lol
Oh well, goes to show the fickleness of marketing, eh?! I think that since it's finally went to a 'profit status' it will again more easily now, so I'm not worried - or should I be?lol

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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The Kitchen Sink  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well I finally got to see Dr. 90210 (you remember, I mentioned in on the BlockHead talk radio program last Monday night?) and am just delighted that they are going to work through their problems! See, divorce, not always the answer!! =D
I was thinking about my oldest being gone in college and I realized that that is what has me down lately. Everything, except for financially (you know about that too, eh?!), is going really well right now - but I'm overwhelmed by a very dark shadow anyway!?
But I realize now that, even though he's not far away and comes home often, not having Ryan here has been like having a death in the family! He's not here and I cannot talk to him when I want, hold him when I need a hug, or be subject to his long heavy legs lying on my lap while we watch a movie. I have told myself many times to put it out of my mind, and I've lost many that I loved and remember telling myself the same thing during those times. It was a cold and lonely air of recognition; my old 'friend', grief, that washed over me at that moment.

So how do I change it? I still have Tyler and Austin here, and they are still very dependent on me, so why this hole in my soul?? and how do I fix it so I can get back to my old self and be there for my other two boys as well as my husband, friends, and clients?? Something I guess I'll have to try to put some extra effort into to change...
Roger got to work with Jim today and said it was the best day the two have had in a long while. Jim was cheerful, fun, and a pleasure to be around. All that said, as soon as their work was done, Jim was flying down the road to see Mary.
I haven't heard from him yet tonight, but I sure hope it will be a good visit for them!
I got to tell him this afternoon, before they quit work, about all of your well wishes and prayers and I'm quite touched by the tears that welled up in his eyes. He really is a sweet person and I know that he would be amazed at all of the emails, comments, and convos I've received for him! I intend to print them all out for him to see =D and I'll let you know what he says!
Well, in between all of the homey interruptions, it's only taken me 3 hours to get this written!lol So I will close with a fond adieu' for now and send wishes of peace and happiness your way - until next time;

for "stopping by the shop!"

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Love & Cherish  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have been trying hard today to get it together - just haven't felt like much of anything at all! I even went out and planed a board for a project thinking maybe I just needed to get something going and I'd be alright. {sigh} Nothing's working - I know I'm getting LittleMan's strep - when I was in my teens I came down with it every 6 months like clockwork and I don't take being sick well - for me, it's a weakness that I can't allow myself :( Besides that, what mother is truly every allowed to get sick!?!? Laying in bed all day, getting waited on!?! hah! like that would happen!!lol

ANYWAY, I just heard from a friend of ours and I had to relay my happiness and a story of true love - the kind you don't see anymore.

My hubby works for a man named Jim. His wife, MaryLou, is a stoic, and stern woman of Native American descent, whom I've never had the courage to try and get to know. I have waved at her here and there, but never 'officially' met her.

I made her a NFL Steeler's Helmet a while back as Jim said that was her favorite team, and he gave it to her as a present from me - and even though she said she didn't know what she's "...going to do with that...", Jim said he's caught her on occasion "petting" it (everything I make is extremely silky to touch - my trademark of sorts) along with other things I've made them - lots of eagles! - but will put it down the minute he comes into the room!lol I think that's cute :) It was great that Jim told me this, as I worry unless I know the recipient likes what I've made them!lol

But anyway, she had a stroke many years ago that's left her unable to smile really, or talk clearly, or be out of a wheelchair and my husband is often called to look in on her. Every time they are out working on a job somewhere, Jim calls Mary 20 times or more a day to check on her - or takes her with him if he's going to be gone long. Every once in a while she'll knock the phone off the receiver or fall out of her chair and he freaks out until he can get home to see if she's okay. I couldn't understand their relationship though, as my hubby will tell me, " She wanted a big screen t.v. and Jim went and bought her a 70" t.v. and she doesn't like it" or before she'd had her stroke, things like, "He bought her this really fancy car that cost an arm and a leg and she hated it - it's sat in the garage ever since"... things like that. So maybe you can see why I am in awe of this relationship - Jim is one of those guys that you just don't find anywhere - and she's supposedly cheated on him and everything else during their many years together(according to her son) and treats him like crap. There's got to be more to it than that though, I tell myself. There's nobody that good - that loving - that unselfish...! I don't know if I'll ever know for sure?
Anyway, the other month she had another stroke. She's been in and out of surgery, in and out of a coma, on death's door for over a month and a half. Jim's been there, every minute, by her side - grieving and crying over her. I don't think he's even eaten more than a sandwich a week. He and Roger went to work one day and they made it half a day and then Jim was off, driving the 40+ miles to be by her side. He almost went crazy trying to get out of that job! I've talked to him on several occasions during this and am just floored by the fact that if something happens to her, he's gone - there's no doubt in my mind! So I pray for her, for him. They let him go into ICU for 20 minutes of every hour, and he's not missed one except the day he tried to work. The doctors have told him to go home, "she doesn't know you're here" and I'm sure he is exhausted! But he stays. Today, he made me cry.

He says he went in her room and went towards the bed to be by her and she reached up and grabbed his shirt, pulled him down and hugged him, patted his back and said, "maybe just 5 more minutes..." He called crying, she's not spoke this whole time - she even had to have a trac put in last week cuz she couldn't breath. But she still managed to speak to him through all of this today and I'm beside myself in joy. I don't even know the woman, but I am sitting here bawling like a baby on the phone with him!?! I love this man and what he is to her - it's so uplifting in such a dismal world! Even today I heard that two people I never thought would be apart after over 25 years are going their separate ways! I hate divorce, it's too easy! I'm with a man 20 years my senior, who doesn't offer me much - but we are together, and we have a miracle of a child - God wants us to be together - I don't know why, but He does! I've thought many times of escape over the years - regret filling every pore of my being, but I toughed it out and will until 'death do us part' - Divorce should NOT be easy!! We are friends now, but if I had let my emotions rule me then I would have missed out on a lot! Be patient with each other, be kind. Life's too short! I'm hoping that Mary truly will be 'on the mend' but I can't help thinking that the old adage, "a bulb burns brightest before it goes out" and how this might apply to Mary. She's in such bad shape, but I will never try to out-guess what God might have in store for any of us and she just might pull through it!?
Do you have what it takes to be this loving, faithful, and devoted - do I? I don't know, but I think I have met someone who does!

for "stopping by the shop!"

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Saturday, in the park - thought it was the Fourth of July...  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It was a very uneventful day in the shop :( My oldest, home again for the weekend, decided we should clean house - man my back hurts! He's going back tomorrow morning, so hopefully I can get some more things cut and get back on track =D
In the meantime, I think I figured out the one ornament - I used 1/4" poplar with cherry veneer for the ornament and used ribbons from one of my hair bands I never felt young enough to wear(lol) to decorate and hang the ornament - how 'bout that for re-use!!?! =p Anyway, hope you'll check it out and let know what you think ....

Thanks, as always, for "stopping by the shop!"
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