Rags Over the River - Locals Against Famous Artists Christo and Jeanne Claude  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm not just an artist. I consider myself a bit of an instigator and advocate. Two of my most prominent passions; Animal Welfare with an emphasis on wildlife, and a voice for artists - no matter what their medium.

A while back ago, our little area of Colorado had the honor of several visits from world-renown artists Christo and Jeanne Claude, but they weren't exactly greeted with wide open arms.
It's (Over The River project|Project for Arkansas River|State of Colorado) has been quite a controversy here and folks are very divided and some quite angry!

The issue is Christo's wanting to drape the Arkansas River with special translucent fabric panels for a period of 14 days, in which time they will of course gather tons of photos that I'm sure they plan to market.

The area, to be exact, is Big Horn Sheep Canyon, and is home to a fair sized herd of Big Horn Sheep as well as huge tourist attractions; the Royal Gorge Canyon and Bridge as well as one of the best areas for white water rafting.

"...The project is planned as a two-week summer display affecting as much as 45 miles of the river between Salida and CaƱon City. Estimates indicate the project won't be through the permit process until summer 2011 at the earliest..." Jason Starr, Staff Writer of the Mountain Mail reported.

ROAR(Rags Over the Arkansas River) objects to the artists' plans pointing out that the impact of the project might affect wildlife, vegetation, and tourism for some years to come.
As I studied this project I came to the realization that at first glance this seems to be very easy to put down - I was against it because of the potential wildlife habitat risk, until I actually became more familiar with the facts.

The artists have went to great lengths to secure everything, from worker's meals to trash removal. Everything's been covered, and my impression is that they care a great deal for the environment, the people impacted, and especially the wildlife and local residents.
They do, on the other hand, stand to garner a great deal of profit from this project as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the "Over the River Project" please click on these links to be presented with both sides of the debate:


Condensed Summary of Christo’s Over the River (OTR) Plan1

So the time-honored question lives; is it art?

What do you think about this; art/not art, yes/no on project?

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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An Uncluttered Mind is a Dangerous Mind!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's so hard to believe that summer is almost to the halfway point!! Where does it go so fast??

I'm in the shop today and loving it! =D Everyone keeps telling me though, that I'm way off for a business - I need to "focus" and settle on one thing. How do you do that when you work with wood?!? There's so many things that pop into my head to make and it's all so fun, interesting, and challenging for me that I just can't say, "oh, I think I'll just make earrings.." or "I feel that intarsia is going to be 'the thing' I need to do, have to do.." I want to do it ALL!!!!

So, okay, my shop's a little cluttered - a dangerous mind is a clean mind, I'm told. So I suppose that means I'm pretty damn meek!lol Well, even my name is German for "lover of peace" (roughly translated?) and that is definitely me. I avoid conflicts and try hard to make everyone happy - not in a coward sort of way tho! I just want to be happy, and I want all those around me to be happy too! So what to do, what to do!

I was just getting a soda and thinking about the above question - Tyler just made this ubber-cool stamp that looks like a leather design - it's awesome and very well defined. I've been thinking about asking him to let me keep it, which brought on a mental chuckle; it seems every time any of make anything that the others in the family want it! A lot of stuff never makes it to either shop!lol I guess I need to quit that and after I give this checker/chess board to Austin, I need to stop giving them my creations! It's just so hard to say no, especially when it's such a compliment to my work!!! lol Ahhh, love my babies!

Anyway, Tyler made it back from Russia just fine - back to games and t.v. Hopefully he'll be getting a j-o-b soon - it would sure make Rog happy!lol He had so many incredible experiences and was so accepted into the families that he stayed with. He even has planned to go back next summer and spend time with them all! I get chills when I think of what he's gotten to do! I hope to share pics with you soon - but there's thousands to go thru so it might be a bit!lol He brought me home my request; a genuine Russian Nesting Doll! It's just gorgeous, but even so he ended up bringing home two because he thought the first was too small. How lucky am I!?! and of course he brought home tons of coins for his dad - he was a happy guy! lol

It's really been an amazing couple of months for us here and I look forward to the rest of the summer :) Especially when Tyler gets his Banya built! =D

Btw, enjoy the Scavenger Hunt - Shop Notes is in it and I hope I didn't make it too hard for you to find the answer to the clue! I am having great fun with this and hope you do too!

So, until next time -

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!" Freida

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Lookin' Good in the New Economy  

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Looking Good in the New Economy" - is it wrong to be fashionable and wear beautiful things in our overwrought economy??

Not if you are buying your adornments at Deer Mountain Wood Art and Deer Mountain Creations!

I've just drastically cut my prices on my beautiful , renewable, and earth-friendly, solid wood earrings!

In an effort to help each other survive rough waters I reduced my prices so that anyone could afford to still look good in these hard times - and these earrings are extra special!

It takes hours to smooth a pair to a warm silky finish, all done by hand so that I won't lose connection with the wood.

The all-natural colors match everything and anything and never muddy one's complexion. And one of the best parts of these gorgeous accessories to a well-dressed-woman; you don't have to feel guilty for wearing Bloodwood, Zebrawood, Yellowheart, or beautiful and earthy Black Walnut because they are all from recycled wood!

Destined for the landfill, this wood was saved for the most special of tasks - to accentuate the natural beauty found in all the 'fairer sex'!

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, stop by - at these prices, they might not last long!

Be sure to keep checking back as the prices are dropping all over the two shops!

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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