Etsy For Animals: C is for Calming by DeerMountainWoodArt  

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Etsy For Animals: C is for Calming by DeerMountainWoodArt

My entry for the Etsy for Animals August Challenge, "C is for..."!

The "Zen-to-Go" Portable Desktop Zen Garden is a great item, if I do say so myself! Especially for the children that seem to have such stress these days - even my 9 year old son had to have one =D
Please go check out the entry - the writeup was wonderful! Thanks Lynn, for all you do for the animals, EFA, and all of us team members!! =]

While you're in the mood to look at cool stuff, check out Lynn's shop and EFA's shop - always working to help the animals by promoting and giving - can't ask for more!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by the shop!

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Orders and Order  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well the girl accepted his words, to my utter surprise he came home that night with a muttered, "everything's fine, why?" Maybe I don't know the heart, like I thought I knew the heart?!?lol I'm glad though - she makes him so happy, and what mother wouldn't want her boy to be happy?
It's been a while since I've written - my toes are so cold from sitting here at the computer for the last 3 hours that I don't know if it's worth trying to write a decent blog post right now or not! lol
The length of time has been well-spent though, trying to catch up on all of the EFA things I needed to do but haven't had the chance to yet; I wrote in about the Treasury I curated - though it's not getting much in the way of views. It was planned a long time ago and though I started to change my mind on the theme, but I didn't. So "Birds of a Feather" it is - when it expires I will put a screen shot up - I think I'll plan another for a little further in the future.
In regards to the folks that seem to have a treasury up all of the time I used to think, "Dang, they must think they've got the corner on believing they have such great taste that we all just want to see what they pick..." but I know better now, it's ADDICTING darn it! and I know my taste is not to everyone's liking, but I've been exposed to so many talents that I would've never known about had I not done a few of these, and besides promoting my fellow EFA members, I just want to share what I've found! =D
Also, I'm in another Treasury and it's a really beautifully rendered collection - it's soon to expire so I will post the screen shot that includes the current listing, but after today it will not be clickable... enjoy! I'm hoping it make front page as it's 3rd from the top in activity, so who knows!?!
I'm also working on my new website - the old has been moved to a new domain host as well as a new website host, so it's been keeping me a little busy - new systems are so hard to learn as I grow older!lol and I have been trying to finish the Intarsia book, but my contributors have not gotten in all of their items, so we're kind of 'on hold' - doesn't look like a Aug 31st publishing date anymore :( but it really doesn't matter as long as we get it done before September is over!
I went to the little yardsale/art sale at the firestation this last weekend and it was just a mess - but I did manage to get to know a little about a couple that wants quite a bit of pieces done, so all was not lost. I did go home early as it just didn't look like much was going to happen. But I didn't expect much, just wanted my neighbors to know that I am still here and still working the wood. They were duely impressed I think?lol =D
So, in the title I wrote "Orders and Order" - I will sum that up here;
"Orders" - have a few orders from this last couple of weeks that I'm working on:

  • Dolphin Helmet - for Kay
  • Bronco's Helmet - for Kay
  • Keepsake Pet Portrait Box - for Leanne
  • Dragon Treasure Box - for eBay buyer, Greg
  • City Scape - for lady at firestation
  • Timberwolf on Burl - for guy at firestation
  • "Art Block" - Wolves, number 3, using a painting done by a fellow Etsian
  • and finally, a 'game cock' Intarsia piece for Nathan
So I've gotten busy, but I need to get these orders out before the Xmas orders get really started!

"Order" - working on getting my life, websites, blogs, and home in order. Through the summer, things have gotten quite out of control - my wood is everywhere as well as 'pieces in progress', so I'm trying to spend a share of my time getting my life, in general, in order.
I'll also be catching up my personal blog, "Three boys and a dog", and writing all of my 'personal' things there instead of letting them sneak over to here and vice' versa! So if you are interested at all, click on the link and prepare to be astounded by the chaos that is my real life! lol
Well, that's it for now - I was planning on getting busy at 9am but I see it's crept to 9:18 and I really have to get going! It's been so much more fruitful with the boys in school. I miss them, but it's so quiet right now that I would be remiss to not get a lot done while they're gone!!
Thanks for stopping by the shop! I always hope you enjoy, even just a little, my ramblings :0) and will come back often!

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Advice for the lovelorn...  

Friday, August 8, 2008

Well, my son didn't want to hear it, so I thought I'd tell you! lol Sometimes a mother's advice can be received with less enthusiasm than a snowstorm, but I was compelled to tell my son what he was doing wrong in his relationship... I know this is supposed to be about business, but my passion for wood is no greater than my passion for my children, there's just no separation between 'church and state', even in my blog.
My oldest told me this morning that he was going down to talk to his gf about the problems that were brewing.
1. he told her that she could have all of the male friends she wants as long as he gets to meet them before she is allowed to hang out with them - OUCH!! Doesn't that sound a little possessive???
First of all, never, and I mean NEVER! tell anyone who they can hang around with!! If I were her, I would've ran screaming from him... he says, "she tells me who I can hang out with, so I can do the same..." NO, you can't!
It's wrong, but normal, for her to tell you that, but you'll never get anywhere telling a woman that! lol It may be double standard, but heck, guys hang out with chicks because they want to do something with them - it's not usually the case for the female sex. I just happen to get along better with guys, but I don't want to sleep with them!?!
Secondly, he snuck into her MySpace account and found out she wasn't talking so nicely about him - well, do I have to say this? lol If you're looking, then you already know what's going on, but that's like looking in her diary! If he goes down and tells her, "I hacked into your MySpace account..." then he will surely come home a single guy once more! I don't know why girls complain about their men to others, and make things up, but they do :0( Shame on her, but SHAME on YOU for looking!!!
My poor baby is about to head to college in a few days and already the fort is crumbling - we told him so, but you can't tell the young anything - they know it all! How can a long distance relationship like this survive a school full of college girls?!? He's only human. My thought is that they are in this shape now because they know that it's not going to work out and for some reason we all need to be mad at each other to separate - it just unfortunately normal and I hate to see him hurt. He always gets hurt and he's such a good man. He never speaks ill of her about anything, but it's not in a woman's nature to be the same loyal companion... Sorry guys.
Anyway, just had to get that off my chest - he's going to his love pyre and I feel like he's earned it for his 'attempt at ownership' of a cat-like creature. Men are dogs, but women are cats... you get where I'm going on that! lol
Thanks for "stopping by the shop" uh, I mean "as the stomach churns"

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Latest Happenings...  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So much has been going on and I've been quite remiss in not keeping my poor blog up-to-date! But I'll give it a try to update ya'll on what's up here at Deer Mountain the best I can :0)

First of all, I've been working on this huge Elk (designed by Kathy Wise) for the Elk Foundation Dinner and Auction the 16th and that's kept me pretty busy! I'm really excited to get to donate such an item to the Elk Foundation as they are a great organization that helps preserve health and habitat for the elk and other wildlife. The elk are so beautiful and I feel the impact that we have on them with our ever increasing encroachment on their feeding and breeding grounds! If you're in the area contact

Mid-Arkansas Valley Big Game Banquet
Erik Brekke 719-275-9401
for details and tickets!

I've also been trying out new items on Etsy to see if I can get business to pick up - doesn't seem to be happening which has me in the doldrums a bit since this is the only income I can provide for my boys.
My oldest told me a few days ago, "Mom, you make beautiful things. I really love what you do, but you're going to have to give it up and call it a 'hobby' because you'll never make anything doing this!" That was a real downer!
Maybe he's right, but it's hard to just "give it up" to a hobby status because being totally disabled doesn't give you much options and I love what I do soooo much! But, love and passion do not pay bills!! :0(
Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing, and then I get an email like this one; "Don't think Ron or I ever gave you feedback on the intarsia birthday/ Christmas gift - Diane was moved to tears. Seeing her favorite Schnauzer so beautifully re-created was moving for her and we were so thrilled that we were able to give her something she does not have - always a challenge...." and I think 'yeah, I'm doing the right thing for my life'.
It just feels strange to try to be in a place like Etsy where it's predominately college-aged people who create an entirely different style of 'art' than I. It's always been very clear that I don't quite fit in and that my work isn't totally valued there as it is in person. I'm in a quandary as to what to do with the online storefront...

Anyway, on a happier note - my DH and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary and will be attending a concert with Sammy Kershaw in Cripple Creek on the 17th - I've never been to any concert(I had a ticket to see Journey in Contra Costa when I was 20, but didn't get to go) and this is going to be so much fun! I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with Roger - he's been trying so hard to make up for what I'm not taking in and it's really telling on him that this has been a difficult year to say the least! He deserves so much, but he gets me - yay! lol

So I will close for now - consider yourself truly updated; at least until tomorrow!! :0)

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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Etsy For Animals: Birthday Bash Extravaganza News ~ Raffle Ends in just a Few Days!!  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Come and join the fun!!!

Etsy For Animals: Birthday Bash Extravaganza News ~ Raffle Ends in just a Few Days!!

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