Starting the New Year with a REALLY Big sha-BANG!#@$%!  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well, alrighty then!! You know I knew this was going to be a big year! Reading this story gave me goosebumps! I kid you not! =D What do you think about the term "Spaceport" being slung about so casually? Did you ever think in your lifetime that you would see the first one being built?? I wondered, but sure didn't think it would become a reality?! (Picture is Virgin's WhiteKnight2 Spaceliner)

and then, on a personal level!

Things that have come about for the New Year for me;

  • 1st off, received a brand-spanking new pellet stove from my adopted MIL(long story!lol) to keep my tushie warm at work! Yay!!!
  • and then, found out Tyler's going to be going to Russia this summer for sure!!! YAY!! I just can't believe the beautiful things that happen for him! :0D
  • Ryan's help with the house has been incredible! We can walk through so many new areas!lol and we've found so many missing items! right on! =D
  • I was about to take a job that would've made my morals questionable(I'll talk about that another time!lol) but instead I ended up with 3, count 'em, THREE, new @home jobs that are sure to bring us out of our financial crisis finally! YaaaYYY! and won't have to even consider the former =D
  • my health improved almost over-night! I'm full of hope, optimism, and energy today and have been getting major hurdles out of the way! I'm so happy with the way life is going right now that I'm about to jump outta my skin! lol and in truth, all it took to make it this way was ONE plea to my Creator for help! Can't get better service than that!!!! =D
  • and finally, new and amazing opportunities abound for Deer Mountain Creations/Wood Art and it is looking like this will be a banner year =D
So, you see - with the change of one guard(2008 - 2009), everything's so bright I'll have to wear shades :0)

I've come up with a new system for the blog - will be posting soon - and you will be able to check in on a regular basis to see just what you are interested in. It should be fun and hopefully interesting and entertaining =D I can't wait to begin!

{{{hugs}}} & love to all!

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