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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neglecting my blog has been a big disadvantage of working in the "real world" again, but I have enjoyed the last week or so of working. I thought I better get back on her briefly and check in with everyone!
I just completed the puzzle for a lady who wants to give it to her father for Father's Day and will be sending it out tomorrow - she finally voiced her concern about the lateness of the project's completion and I feel really awful to have made her worry!! I'm going to be sending the puzzle along with something special to make up for making her worry, and I hope she'll be pleased with it.
Even the soldier's portraits for Portrait Freedom have been delayed in mailing and I seem to be falling behind in everything! =< style="font-style: italic;">easing my burdens, I've doubled them by taking an outside job! I've really wanted to see if I could work for a very long time though and it seemed like fate that this company called me so many times asking me to work ...
In between work and wood art, I'm writing a book. And the folks that are contributing to it are becoming many! It's very exciting and is, of course, writing about Intarsia - my passion - so I wish I had more time to devote to it also!
A couple wants to sell my pieces too, and they've been after me to get some "stock" built up - they want mainly the smaller, less expensive, items to sell, but as long as I get to throw in some Intarsia, I'm good with it =D
Maybe tomorrow (well, later today! lol) I'll be able to put another Etsian on here - there are so many talented people there, and I love showcasing their beautiful products. I haven't had time to get to browse, but I think I'll treat myself in the morning for a little bit - so look for that!
I'm also going to be putting up a new tutorial on 'cutting out the background' in Photoshop - always a new way to do it, but I think I have a "tried and true" method, so I think I will share it! I hope to put on a tutorial soon about my actual woodworking - working in Intarsia anyway - and can't wait to do that one! While my middle son is home for the time being it will be an easy task to get him to videotape the process =D
So, that's what has been going on here - just about everything! lol I'm glad to post another entry though and hope you enjoy catching up with me! =D
As always, thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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