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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well the girl accepted his words, to my utter surprise he came home that night with a muttered, "everything's fine, why?" Maybe I don't know the heart, like I thought I knew the heart?!?lol I'm glad though - she makes him so happy, and what mother wouldn't want her boy to be happy?
It's been a while since I've written - my toes are so cold from sitting here at the computer for the last 3 hours that I don't know if it's worth trying to write a decent blog post right now or not! lol
The length of time has been well-spent though, trying to catch up on all of the EFA things I needed to do but haven't had the chance to yet; I wrote in about the Treasury I curated - though it's not getting much in the way of views. It was planned a long time ago and though I started to change my mind on the theme, but I didn't. So "Birds of a Feather" it is - when it expires I will put a screen shot up - I think I'll plan another for a little further in the future.
In regards to the folks that seem to have a treasury up all of the time I used to think, "Dang, they must think they've got the corner on believing they have such great taste that we all just want to see what they pick..." but I know better now, it's ADDICTING darn it! and I know my taste is not to everyone's liking, but I've been exposed to so many talents that I would've never known about had I not done a few of these, and besides promoting my fellow EFA members, I just want to share what I've found! =D
Also, I'm in another Treasury and it's a really beautifully rendered collection - it's soon to expire so I will post the screen shot that includes the current listing, but after today it will not be clickable... enjoy! I'm hoping it make front page as it's 3rd from the top in activity, so who knows!?!
I'm also working on my new website - the old deermountainwoodart.com has been moved to a new domain host as well as a new website host, so it's been keeping me a little busy - new systems are so hard to learn as I grow older!lol and I have been trying to finish the Intarsia book, but my contributors have not gotten in all of their items, so we're kind of 'on hold' - doesn't look like a Aug 31st publishing date anymore :( but it really doesn't matter as long as we get it done before September is over!
I went to the little yardsale/art sale at the firestation this last weekend and it was just a mess - but I did manage to get to know a little about a couple that wants quite a bit of pieces done, so all was not lost. I did go home early as it just didn't look like much was going to happen. But I didn't expect much, just wanted my neighbors to know that I am still here and still working the wood. They were duely impressed I think?lol =D
So, in the title I wrote "Orders and Order" - I will sum that up here;
"Orders" - have a few orders from this last couple of weeks that I'm working on:

  • Dolphin Helmet - for Kay
  • Bronco's Helmet - for Kay
  • Keepsake Pet Portrait Box - for Leanne
  • Dragon Treasure Box - for eBay buyer, Greg
  • City Scape - for lady at firestation
  • Timberwolf on Burl - for guy at firestation
  • "Art Block" - Wolves, number 3, using a painting done by a fellow Etsian
  • and finally, a 'game cock' Intarsia piece for Nathan
So I've gotten busy, but I need to get these orders out before the Xmas orders get really started!

"Order" - working on getting my life, websites, blogs, and home in order. Through the summer, things have gotten quite out of control - my wood is everywhere as well as 'pieces in progress', so I'm trying to spend a share of my time getting my life, in general, in order.
I'll also be catching up my personal blog, "Three boys and a dog", and writing all of my 'personal' things there instead of letting them sneak over to here and vice' versa! So if you are interested at all, click on the link and prepare to be astounded by the chaos that is my real life! lol
Well, that's it for now - I was planning on getting busy at 9am but I see it's crept to 9:18 and I really have to get going! It's been so much more fruitful with the boys in school. I miss them, but it's so quiet right now that I would be remiss to not get a lot done while they're gone!!
Thanks for stopping by the shop! I always hope you enjoy, even just a little, my ramblings :0) and will come back often!

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