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Friday, August 8, 2008

Well, my son didn't want to hear it, so I thought I'd tell you! lol Sometimes a mother's advice can be received with less enthusiasm than a snowstorm, but I was compelled to tell my son what he was doing wrong in his relationship... I know this is supposed to be about business, but my passion for wood is no greater than my passion for my children, there's just no separation between 'church and state', even in my blog.
My oldest told me this morning that he was going down to talk to his gf about the problems that were brewing.
1. he told her that she could have all of the male friends she wants as long as he gets to meet them before she is allowed to hang out with them - OUCH!! Doesn't that sound a little possessive???
First of all, never, and I mean NEVER! tell anyone who they can hang around with!! If I were her, I would've ran screaming from him... he says, "she tells me who I can hang out with, so I can do the same..." NO, you can't!
It's wrong, but normal, for her to tell you that, but you'll never get anywhere telling a woman that! lol It may be double standard, but heck, guys hang out with chicks because they want to do something with them - it's not usually the case for the female sex. I just happen to get along better with guys, but I don't want to sleep with them!?!
Secondly, he snuck into her MySpace account and found out she wasn't talking so nicely about him - well, do I have to say this? lol If you're looking, then you already know what's going on, but that's like looking in her diary! If he goes down and tells her, "I hacked into your MySpace account..." then he will surely come home a single guy once more! I don't know why girls complain about their men to others, and make things up, but they do :0( Shame on her, but SHAME on YOU for looking!!!
My poor baby is about to head to college in a few days and already the fort is crumbling - we told him so, but you can't tell the young anything - they know it all! How can a long distance relationship like this survive a school full of college girls?!? He's only human. My thought is that they are in this shape now because they know that it's not going to work out and for some reason we all need to be mad at each other to separate - it just unfortunately normal and I hate to see him hurt. He always gets hurt and he's such a good man. He never speaks ill of her about anything, but it's not in a woman's nature to be the same loyal companion... Sorry guys.
Anyway, just had to get that off my chest - he's going to his love pyre and I feel like he's earned it for his 'attempt at ownership' of a cat-like creature. Men are dogs, but women are cats... you get where I'm going on that! lol
Thanks for "stopping by the shop" uh, I mean "as the stomach churns"

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