Inversion Therapy for Chronic Back Pain  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ya know, I'm such a huge skeptic on everything medical - grew up with a mom that was a total hypochondriac that left me feeling like I should just 'buck up' and get off of my pity pot.
I now know that she's suffered with so many health issues(one of which is fibromyalgia) through the years and wished I'd not ganged up with my sisters on her! :( - man, I can see this now and wished I'd known sooner!! Poor mama!
Anyway, irregardless, anytime anyone in my family has a health issue - especially my kids - I usually try to ignore their complaints and refocus their attention. I guess I am having a hard time with boys complaining so much about pain and such, I know my dad was not like that and that was my mentor, so to speak...
I bought a Teeter Inversion Table a few years ago and felt that as soon as the boys stopped obsessing about wanting to be on it I would pull it out and get to work on my back.
I've suffered since I was 15 years old with muscle spasms, sciatica, DDD, and bulging and herniated discs. Lately, I've not been able to even work here at home because of a sciatic flareup - it's been so bad I was forced to borrow a walker for Heaven's sake!!?! That was an eye-opening event! I've lost feeling in the top of my arch, left side of my left calf as well as completely lost the feeling and strength in my big toe? Not to mention it feels like I've been standing barefoot on a metal ladder for days! This has been going on since the 25th of January and doctors have been less than helpful!
Yesterday my husband(who, to me, is a really big whiner!lol) and I pulled out the inversion table and gingerly set it up.
Talk about being skeptical! But I've reached my breaking point with the hip and back pain and am determined to try everything, and especially do the LTBP program! I had heard a couple of years ago that orthos were downing the home Inversion tables as not being effective and being just a gimmick so I was more than doubtful that any of this would be beneficial. Thank God for breaking points though!lol
I have an appointment with a 'spine clinic' for tomorrow but am thinking about not wasting my time. I know they're going to recommend surgery, and I'm not going to do that again! They also offer what they refer to as "real" spinal decompression, which is something I've been very interested in as it just makes so much sense to decompress and hopefully allow the discs to un-herniate themselves.
But, to the point.
My husband was first on the table - he's 265 and 6'4"(well, now 6'3") and even though he doesn't have all of the back trouble I have, he's in such bad shape it really didn't seem it could hurt! I expected him to not get 'results' from the table, and whine that he was in greater discomfort. To my surprise, he got off the table totally thrilled and eager to do more! Actually said it was the best thing I'd ever bought! He hated it when I bought it...
Okay, so he's very impressionable and I attributed his enthusiasm to the power of suggestion.
I still was convinced it would do nothing for me, or that it might even cause things to become worse, so I put it off for awhile after he got done.
After reading again all of the instructions from Jesse and Steven, as well as watching the videos, I decided to try it out.
The first time it caused me to feel a little discomfort but not enough to not try again later. Before going to bed for the night, DH and I did another session - we felt a little better, but as I told Roger, I felt it was too soon to 'feel better' and remarked how the mind was a powerful influence on how one's body felt.
When I woke this morning though, I had to admit that I really did feel somewhat better! I'm actually eager to do more this morning!
I don't know if it's the power of suggestion, my own desperation to feel better, or that it's actually making a difference, but even though I still am in quite a bit of pain, I do feel different, and can't truly explain, or deny, it.
I hope for all of you that are having sciatica or problems with your SI joint(s) to give it a try though. I now truly think it is going to help and that makes this the very first thing that's ever helped in over 30 years!
I hope that I can keep reporting good results and that you might benefit from my experiences with the different modalities that I am going to be trying :)
Always the consummate skeptic, I still feel that the results may be only temporary, but am hoping that this truly will be part of the 'cure' for my chronic pain and that I can eventually return to a productive life that is free of pain pills and doctors! :)
{{{hugs}}} to all, Freida

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