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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My best friend died the night before last and it sure left me in a slump :( I have been trying to distract myself with work and last night just couldn't keep going. I went to bed at a record time of 11pm!?! I wished I could say the extra sleep was worth it, but I'm definitely in bad shape this morning - even my SI joint has a large 'bump' on it and sitting here is grief... My son got in trouble, well more like his friend got him in trouble, the same night Cora passed and I'm tired of being so strong and capable! But that's for my other blog...

Anyway, here's what's up at DeerMtn -

  • 16 x 20 Portrait Puzzle for client
  • 2 Custom Portraits for client
  • 2 NFL Helmets for client
  • 1 large "Bronco's" sign for client
  • Publishing "INTARSIA, Creating Art from Wood" book, hopefully, this next week
  • Adding more product to new websites; and
  • Finishing Angel, hopefully tomorrow
  • Finish CubScout site I volunteered to create! ugh! lol
  • Cora's funeral is Friday - quite a bit of travel time involved in that one...

and, I know there's more, but that's a big enough list anyway for right now!lol

The book was supposed to be out long ago, but folks just aren't getting their submissions in completely and I'm overloaded with everything else too, so it will get there when it gets there I guess!
After Cora's passing I've also decided that my work should not come before the people that make me what I am. I was not a good friend to her - I loved her more than anything, but just didn't take the time to show her... I'm going to go over to my other great friend's, Martha, in a few minutes and have a cup of coffee with her - something I've not done since the inception of DeerMountainWoodArt. I need to rectify this while there is still time!

So that's it for now - I will try to do my best to get back here as often as I can, but I've got to stay off the internet and get something done!! lol You guys are just tooo addicting! =D Thanks, as always, for "stopping by the shop!" Freida

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5 comments: to “ Projects and Passings...

  • Tammy's Treasure Chest
    October 21, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

    Oh Freida! I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I haven't been a good friend the last few days. I should have checked in more!
    It is hard to be strong all the time, and sometimes you just need to cry on someone's shoulder for a while. You can cry on my cybershoulder anytime.{{{HUGS}}}

  • Deer Mountain Wood Art
    October 21, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

    Awe, thanks Tammy! {{{hugs}}} back! I was so wounded by this event, but I think, and hope, it's made me a better friend to those I have left, and those I have yet to meet. I've lost so much these last few years that it seems not a day goes by without someone else leaving me here behind... I surely appreciate you, and all that you've been to me - a complete stranger, turned good friend - the internet is a marvelous thing, but kind, wonderful people using it, reaching out to others, are what makes it incredible, awesome, and to me, absolutely necessary!!
    I know you've been busy and I'm glad of the time you had with hubby - ready to get back to work?!? lol I hope you had a great weekend ;P
    I'm fine though. I cried, and cried, but I know she's better off than she was suffering here. and I learned. I will miss her terribly, but she was missing me here and I was too 'busy' to notice. I learned a hard, hard life lesson!
    Anyway, thank you for being there - you don't know how much your friendship helps me :)

  • BINA
    October 22, 2008 at 8:38 AM  

    i'm so sorry to hear about ur friend -- u will be in my heart for prayers of healing. its so hard to lose ppl close to u. and i agree with tammy -- sometimes u can't be strong -- u just need to let go -- sit in papa's lap, cry, let him catch ur tears. imagine him rocking u and loving u....
    and i'm here is u ever wanna talk. i have IM -- i can email u my screen name so if u ever wanna talk in "real time". just lmk. hang in there.

  • Deer Mountain Wood Art
    October 22, 2008 at 8:08 PM  

    Thank you again Bina! :) Thank you for being there for me - words cannot express - if you'd like to send your IM I'd be happy to get to chat! If I can remember how to set it up!lol jk! I will have to install one, so let me know which you use. Do you have my email? I don't know if it shows up here or not?

  • BINA
    October 23, 2008 at 11:09 AM  

    i will convo u on etsy -- i think that is probably the safest way --

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