It's Official!?!  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yep! I'm finally making the 'big bucks!'

As you know, I run a few ads here with ProjectWonderful and Entrecard - I try to keep them at a minimum as I don't want to inundate you with ads, but a girl's gotta try to make a buck when she can!! =D
So when I checked on pending ads in my ProjectWonderful cue I was surprised to see that I am not losing money anymore on my ads!

Officially, at 7am this morning, Project Wonderful stated that "At this exact moment, you're bidding at $0.17 per day, and bids on your ad boxes are earning at $0.19 per day"! Yay!! (Is that really how you spell that??lol)
So, I guess you could say that I've finally 'arrived' at the status of 'money-making bloggers'!! Suhwheet! =D
Thanks to all of my lovely advertisers and you, my wonderful readers, who click on them and cause advertisers to believe I'm worth running an ad on! =D Thank you! Thank you! [bowing and blowing kisses - end of Blogger Award speech]

hummm, Entrecard is also a fun way to discover new blogs with good reads - I highly recommend it for that reason - it's not going to make me a fortune, but at least it's pretty much free(unless you want to buy EC credits?), and it gets you plenty of views :)
Most are what they call 'drop and run' viewers, but if you have engaging content, they can't help but stop for awhile! I find more great things to read and learn about while 'dropping' my Entrecards - it's pretty awesome :0)

Okay, I have a ton of serious stuff to tell you this morning -

  • there's an update on Mary; they had her sitting up yesterday!!! WOW! I can't believe it - isn't the good Lord awesome!!?! I know it's all the prayers that were sent for them - THANK YOU!!
  • Roger's been getting steady work! Thank Goodness - I'm at risk right now of losing my home unless we can raise the $762 due for taxes :( Been a rough few months! So with him working and my work, we probably will scrape by, like usual! lol
  • I'm going to be getting serious about DeerMountain - licensing and all - finally after 5+ years!lol I have a lot to tell you about 'getting serious' with your home-based business! I will be dedicating an entire post just to that subject within the next couple of days, be sure to check it out - it will have lots of information that you will really find invaluable! I promise!!
  • We traded an old van Roger fixed up(one of those Conversion type vans - the big ones that were so popular with dating in my generation!lol) for the remaining payments on my car - so it's free and clear!! Yippee!! That should help a lot! :0)
  • Work is going well - finally getting time to get everything done! That's a big task; trying to balance family, work, and me-time!! whew!
  • I was asked to join a local gallery yesterday but it's $30/month and that's a risk I can't afford right now - I mean, what if nothing sells?!? How does one have enough faith in their work to take a chance like that?
  • And finally, if you're disabled and you're considering 'going legit' on your work/art then you need to contact me right away! I have some information you need - seriously!! You wouldn't believe how many disabled folks are running their own businesses from home! Or how many artists you know who are in this category!! It's mind blowing! So you really do need to get in touch with me - now!!!! if you fit this description! :0) Click here to go to my Etsy shop and then click on the top where it says 'conversations' - I will get back to you asap with the info you need... I really believe you'll be glad you did!! =D
On the home front, Ryan's coming home this weekend :0) So you know I'll be silly happy! lol Even though he will make me do more deep cleaning! I need to and it feels great too :0)

Okay, that's just not fair!!lol During the small amount of time I've been typing this to you my ProjectWonderful ads changed their money-earning ratio and I'm no longer Queen of the Net!!!?? I even had to add a question mark at the end of my title!!!
Here's what it says now, "At this exact moment, you're bidding at $0.17 per day, and bids on your ad boxes are earning at $0.11 per day" - dang, that's a bummer!! lol
Oh well, goes to show the fickleness of marketing, eh?! I think that since it's finally went to a 'profit status' it will again more easily now, so I'm not worried - or should I be?lol

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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