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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I went to bed at 9:15pm!?! after my hubby caught me trying to work out here on my 'puter... I guess my head was about 8" from the floor, but my hand was up on the desk still holding my Wacom pen!! Gosh, ain't I dedicated!?! lol Can't say that, though, when this happens, as it's usually something that is happening after I've tried to get some work going and just ran out of steam, and consciousness!lol
Yesterday I was trying to finish up on Tammy's Elk so I could get it in the mail and Tyler was 'harassing'(can't think of a better word for what these kids do when they want something from me!!lol) me to take him to town so he could pay off his fine, which would enable him to 'get off of probation', by taking out a signature loan.
Since I had to pick up the mounted pictures for the custom puzzles I had in the shop, I obliged, but in the meantime I totally screwed up the backing on the Elk picture! :0( Only happens when you need it not to!!! So, another thing I'm behind in now. Okay, "... I can rebuild him, make him better...!"
If you can believe it, I didn't make it back home until 8:30 last night and was just exhausted!?! I didn't even get laundry done! Oh well...

So, it's a new day - full of hope and promise! It's clear and cold, and the damnedest frost that ever fell, but I'm rarin' to go! Here's what I'm working on today;

starting one of the 2 custom portrait puzzles
fixing Tammy's Elk
filling out business lisc. forms
filling out the CHP+ health care form for the boys - should've been done a hundred years ago!!
working on bills during breaks...

It's going to be a full day, and I've already replied to a request for another custom portrait puzzle so I am awaiting their order.

Something really cool yesterday! We had to get a printout from S.S. for Tyler for his loan and the woman that was taking the request was new. After talking to her for a minute I found out that she's the wife of one of the school teachers at Cotopaxi - and the wife of one of my very first customers!lol Small world! ;0)
Anyway, her husband had bought one of my very first intarsia pieces that was an Eagle on a branch and he wanted it customized for his granddaughter by inlaying her name on the branch. I asked her if her granddaughter still liked it and she said, "Oh yes, it's always on her wall above her bed! She loves it!!" That was so awesome to hear! =0) But then she proceeded to ask me if I might have an elk! Yay!! I might have the Elk sold, and that would sure be a shot in the arm!! So I'm going to run that by her house tonight after school - think good thoughts! =D

Here's a few photos of what's on the shop table lately.... Christmas ordering is almost at an end, so I hope everyone that wanted something this year has gotten their order in, or will be within the next week or so!

Hope you have a great day - remember to please pray for Mary and Kay (and me, too! :0)) - and as always,
for "stopping by the shop!"

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