Contest ends tonite!  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally! Things are beginning to feel normal tonight :) I have had a weekend from - well, can't say "Hell" 'cuz it's been below zero up here the last few days! lol - but I'm going to be positive, right?!? So, here are the positives;

  • Saturday was the craft show; hummm - I met other artisans, which is wonderful, but it was very tiring - constructive, but tiring...
  • Came home and Austin had crashed my laptop - the one with all of my life on it!!! :( Yikes! I learned so much from that experience though - the part where my computer-genius son couldn't fix the poor thing - and it turned out I wasn't as computer illiterate as I had previously thought, was an invaluable lesson!lol
  • I learned that using your virus scan software is useless unless you go through their steps to fix the problem; after going around the long way to download the new definitions, everything just reappeared like magic! It was incredible!! Needless to say, I have restore points and backups now!lol
  • I was almost done with the face mask for Kay's Bronco Helmet when I found out that my pattern had printed out too large - so much for hours of sanding! lol But I learned to use my rulers and my analytical mind =D oh, and take notes when I create a pattern!!!
  • I found out my scale isn't working anymore and learned how to weigh packages against jars of jelly, bags of sugar, and tins of raviollis! :)
  • I learned that 'house-trained' puppies still pee and poop on floors when you least expect it and that socks don't absorb liquid very well :(?
  • I found out that I'm a creature of habit and when someone messes with my habitat my mind ceases to function!?! (see next bullet) lol
  • We put the woodstove back so I could get my office space back together - Wow! you can't even imagine the mess that created for me in my mind! I was actually being forced to watch t.v. because of having my laptop in the front room! ugh! That was tough! Especially when Roger had to watch hunting - which is 24/7 pretty much :(
  • oh, and I found out that I'm attractive to the same sex!?! teehee Now, that was a weird experience!!!!! lol
  • and lastly, I found out if I read too long I fall asleep :( I'm an avid reader, so that's a problem!!
See I told ya, it was a very educational weekend! =D
I also sold a couple of things online as well as at the craft show, so we were able to stock up on a couple of items - yay! =D

Now, as you may or may not know, the last day for posting a comment to be entered into the special ornament drawing is today - until midnite my time(mountain time) you can still post comments and get a chance to win this gorgeous ornament! So get to it! lol
Looking forward to seeing who gets it =D
Until then,
Thanks for "stopping by the shop!" Freida

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