A Dark Day  

Friday, May 16, 2008

I just got off the phone with Kay a little bit ago - you might recognize her name as she buys so much from me and calls me "her own personal wood artist"! She called to tell me that her nephew loved the Seattle Seahawks helmet I'd made for him, and that it was the only thing he'd hung up in his new house, before he died?!? I am so blue, I didn't ever get to meet him, but when I work on something for someone I get a kind of closeness to them - hard to explain. I told her how I'd been lamenting about how I'd not gotten a picture of the piece before I sent it to him, and now that she has it back, I could probably do so - but now I'm not sure I want to... it's not how I wanted to get a picture of it! =< I guess he suffered an aneurism, but he was only 30! Life's just not fair sometimes!!
Anyway, just had to write it down - it's going to be a busy week with all of the graduation stuff, but I'll try to pop in every now and then, and let ya know if anything important is going on...
It's just a dark day, I guess everyone has one.

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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