It time for GRADUATION!!?  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh boy! My oldest is graduating high school in a few days - time for the 'ol cap & gown and lots and LOTS of tissues for me!!! I'm so perplexed; where have the years gone?

So many things I've had to do this last week, and so many more things to come. It's an exciting, happy time, but I'm just so darn tired! I just got home from the High School awards banquet and it was so cool to see my 'babies' running up there to accept their awards! It was a hectic day in so many ways, but at least I got one order sent off!

This is my oldest that's graduating, making it an even more stressful event - I'm trying hard not to cry, but I can't believe he's grown!! He even has a girlfriend that he's planning on "living in sin" with after she turns 18. {{{sigh}}}

Anyway, I keep dozing off, and it feels terrible - I'm going to go to bed and try to catchup as much as I can tomorrow....

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