Just WHAT are we trying to say here??  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I guess today's going to be one of those days where I just don't "get it"!lol Like this belt buckle that was advertised in the Etsy Finds today...

hummm, now, just what are we trying to say with this one?

"This whale belt buckle would make any outfit an instant showstopper. Guys, go out with this one on and just wait for the ladies to start commenting on it! buncombebuckles's shop $54." May 12, 2008 Today's Find was curated for you by Marymary.

I just found it comical, especially with MaryMary pointing out that the "ladies" would start commenting on it to the wearer...

"Back in the day" I remember my poor little grandma's words about the horribly indecent things she was being subject to -

Most prominent in my memory was her comment about a billboard that read, "A buck well-spent on a Springmade Sheet"! It pictured an Native American male sitting, with his head hanging down, on the edge of a bed that I guess was made using the company "Springmade"'s sheets... she thought the implication was intolerable! I really think she would just die if she saw all the commercials on t.v. now!

There is nothing that can't be said, or done, on these commercials now. Even the animated movies are full of innuendos and profanity.... {sigh} I often wonder if, for the sake of "free speech", that we've lost all dignity, modesty, and self-respect? It still stops me in my tracks to hear these things on t.v. Even "The Bee Movie" was inundated with sexual comments and drug use references!? I think they've decided that kids don't understand the meanings of what they're saying, so it's okay - but I guarantee you that my 8 year old boy understands! Of course, he has an usually high I.Q., but it's not a reach for the average intelligent child to "get it"....
I wish we could go back to the way it was - I just feel like we've lost our commonsense and especially, our morals.

On a more, directly related to me, note - there's a fire up here on the mountain, just a few miles away, so I will probably have to stop work for a bit to pack up some of my more important things. A guy up here decided to not tell anyone, and just go ahead and burn some brush - we have a very strict fire ban on right now, but he didn't care! =< Now my little home is being threatened again, by the carelessness and selfishness of some guy that wanted to clean his stupid yard! Makes me angry to say the least!! Our season is already started to be a bad one - it's going to be precarious living unless we get some moisture soon. The clouds are thick today and a storm is predicted, but the clouds aren't letting loose yet! Maybe I'll have to get some of the deer antler into a necklace and get to makin' a rain dance! lol
Anyway, would appreciate some good thoughts sent our way today =D

Thanks, as always, for "stopping by the Shop!"

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