Late nights, busy daze...  

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things sure have a way of taking you by storm! I guess you might say I hit the ground running when I turned 45! lol

I was just doing a little promoting - really, nothing serious! But now I'm everywhere!! I'm not going to even go there - I don't know if I can remember all I've linked up with, joined, placed ads on, and submitted to?!?

In the meanwhile - I've sold some things, made some things, tried to finish some projects, and write a book! All while I'm doing the graduation thing with my oldest boy, and attending year-end school events. I do believe I might just get that award yet, for SuperMom! nah, not really! I'm sure what I'm doing is pretty typical mom/businesswoman stuff, but it sure feels like I'm everywhere at once! => If I run into myself, then I'll know I'm in trouble!!!

Also, trying to get back in the 'real world' and go to work 'outside' the shop/home - that's the toughest, probably?

Anyway, not been able to devote much time to my poor little blog - I've thought myriad thoughts that I wanted to tell ya'll about, or ask about - but they've remained, just thoughts... Now that I'm finally here, I can't think of a one!? lol

I'm going to make this short tonight though - I am wanting to get a video tute up and work on my new website and get some of my book contributors pages updated and put on that blog, so I'll be 'up, all night', as the famed Jenny McCarthy used to say, and I hope I'll be able to accomplish some more tomorrow... I have an interview with WallyWorld tomorrow at 9:30 PM!? and so I will have to sleep at some point, to look my best ya know =p - so I bid you all adieu for now, but just know that I'm always thinking about you and wishing I could be on here chatting with ya'll!

For now, thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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