"Don't go near the light!..."  

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday I spent almost 14 hours online!?! I'm a little frustrated by this - it's not like I have anything else to do! I wanted to start off spending a couple of hours updating my info on different sites I belong to, but ended up joining others, and responding - a LOT...

Interneting can be extremely addicting, and for a brief moment I thought, "maybe this is what I should be doing?"lol yeah, right....

Indiepublic, for one, is a great place to meet people that are similar in their interests to yours. It has a lot of traffic, so of course I'm going to see if I can get some exposure there. So far, I've met quite a few people and saw many things that I was unaware of - it really made me want to do stories on the folks I met. Hard to keep me down on that one - everyone's so interesting and they're all busy doing what they do, yet they seem to have time to welcome newcomers - that's awesome =D
This led to another site called, "Silkfair". It's another shopping site, a lot like Etsy in some of it's features, but they're new, they're hip, and they've got some of the features that I would've loved to had seen on Etsy. So I joined...
Then, after hanging out there trying to input some of my store info(a little on the complicated side, I must say) AlwaysAmy attracted my eye on Indie - she was "cross-promoting", as she calls it, so it led to other things; I purchased an ad spot on her page with ProjectWonderful, exchanged links, well, added hers... Somewhere in there I found a site called "Blogs by Women Bloggers", joined that... While on ProjectWonderful, I learned some more, so I bid on another, pretty busy site called, "The Coveted", where they didn't have any bids yet, so I got in cheap!

It's so totally not in sync with what I sell, so I might have to remove that one!lol Here's a link to their most recent post; I'm sure you'll see what I mean!lol The bird looks like my babies, and it was hard to look at - although it was another person they were promoting, so I won't hold it against them! =D It blew my mind how many people are into this stuff and think it's fashionably cool - you wouldn't catch me near one!!! lol To each his/her own though, right? Anyway, it's a pretty dark, goth site and I don't think my ad is appropriate there... free advertising? I don't know if it's always the 'right' thing to do....
Let's see, what else did I join... it was a "joiner" type of day - ugh!

Oh, I also worked hard on a new format for my personal blog "three boys and a dog", and ended up once again at "BloggerBuster". Amanda runs a nice blog for helping other bloggers, replete with free templates and tons of customization tips - I kept downloading Hispanic blog templates though and I ended up learning a lot, as well as some more Spanish!

While I was working on various projects while I was 'surfing', I didn't get a whole lot done - it's bad because I have so many clients waiting!? I wish I had more hours in a day - as it is, I'm consistently up until 1 or 2 am and it's starting to take it's tole - I don't how many patterns I've screwed up lately while falling asleep holding my Wacom pen!

I do know, this has to stop! I keep hearing the voice, "don't go near the light!" running through my head - I guess I need to listen!

So for today - this is all you'll see of me - I've gotta go to town and mail orders and pay bills - they keep coming, no matter what I'm doing!? Then I'm going to come home and, dang it!, get some work done!!!
Be careful on here and listen to the voice, "don't go near the light!" The internet is either a blessing or a curse - I hope it will be a blessing for me =D

Thanks for "stopping by the shop!"

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